What Comfort Zone?

Having recently been successful in an application with the Robertson Scholarship Trust, I was invited alongside 140 other first time university goers to attend a three day “Outward Bound” course with the Outward Bound Trust surrounded by nothing but the breathtaking views and the not so breathtaking weather of the Lake District in the North of…


  Hidden in North Berwick is this crumbling old building inside a graveyard – spooky, huh? 

Ocean Depths 

  Another from my North Berwick trip last week, not the worst of views! 

Christmas at the Coast 

    One thing I absolutely loved in North Berwick last week was the fact that this tiny little town just looked so brilliant with all its Chrismas decorations!

Deep in the Dockyard 

  North Berwick in the East Coast of Scotland is a lovely wee place, only a 30min train journey from the capital,  Edinburgh! Above is a shot from where I found myself lost in a dry dockyard! 

3 Coloured Doors 

  Another wee shot from a dockyard up in North Berwick, I believe these little cubby-holes are just really cool places to lock up your bike! 

Binocular Boy

  Another one from the wonderful little East Coast Scottish town called North Berwick. I wonder if he’s found what he was looking for yet…