Remember Me?

Long time no see – it’s been 7 months to be exact!

For most of this year, I had set my blog to private so that only I could view it. This wasn’t because there were any cheeky wee holiday snaps leaked on to here or anything, merely because it was a bit of a disaster zone and needed some tender loving care, something I just had absolutely no time for whilst completing my final year in high school.

After my “hiatus” I’ve decided to come back at the best possible time! In September I shall be stepping into the deepest darkest realms of university life where I’ll be loving every single day learning about music, theatre and so much more! What better time to start documenting my life again, than in perhaps the most exciting stage of a person’s life!?

Armed with my new SLR camera, I really hope to capture the magic of Glasgow’s West End (where my University, Hogwarts, lives) and the not-so-magical accounts of my day to day life.

I’ve kind of revamped the place too, I used to call this place, “Just Another Person’s Blog” with the tagline “Welcome to the world of a Scottish teenager”. Whilst I technically still am a teenager, I feel since I’m moving onto a new chapter in my life, why not give this blog a whole new title and tagline! So say hello to “My Big Fat Scottish Blog” – “The zestful life of a Scottish music
student.” I really do want to share with the world that unique Scottish experience first hand, more than ever. Our culture is just top notch and our food…
So welcome back to any of the previous followers who are so amazing to be still kicking around, and thank you for your brilliant support! And welcome, to any new stumblers upon this fine blog.

Haste ye back!

(P.S. enjoy this photo of a yellow hackney cab in Glasgow I took earlier this year. I thought it’d make a swell featured image for the homepage. )




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