New Year, New Blog, New Outlook

Like what I’ve done with the place? It’s been a while since I’ve really jazzed this site up a bit. It has also been quite some time since I’ve posted here. Let’s face it, 2014 has not been the year of blogging for me. Soz.

But, while I was not blogging, I’d been thinking about the way forward for me and for this site. I am a very musical person and am looking to pursue a career in music in the not too distant future. The problem is… or, was that my blog just didn’t appear to support my musical talents at all. It showcased my photography and rants, which are items that will not disappear any time soon. But there’s been a huge lack of my musical content.

So, I’m not deleting anything or changing anything. I’m simply adding.

2015 looks like it’s gonna be a roller coaster and we’re only just entering it. I want it to be a great year and I know that it will be, just like this year.

So, what to expect on this site in the year ahead? Well, a lot more musical content i.e. original content, compositions, covers, arrangements in the forms of audio and video clips. Also the chance to download and buy my content to show your support.

As well as this, I’ll keep the photography going too – it’s a hobby I wouldn’t give up for the world, and of course you can expect a rant or two…

Well, hours to go until “the bells”, so I’m off to watch some presenters on TV get absolutely smashed out of their heads in attempt to countdown into the new year.

I hope to see you on the other side and I hope 2015 presents so many opportunities and grants all of your wishes! And of course, thank you to my wonderful community for sticking by my, not just this year but for the past few years!




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