Trapped in a Book Store? – Yes Please!

Browsing Twitter last night, I found myself jealous of this guy:


First of all – WHY WOULD YOU TELL ANYONE!? If I was to find myself locked inside a Waterstones or any bookshop, even a library, I’d be making the most of the precious time, not pleading to get out. ¬†This man clearly either a) hates the smell of books and/or b) he already got bored of drinking free coffee.

Can you imagine the fun you could have though!?

I’d pay someone good money to be trapped in a book store for a night, say… twelve hours?

I’m quite a slow reader so I’d say spending my time reading any full books would be wasting my time. Pfft, you can read a book anywhere, right?

I think I’d head down to the coffee¬†stall first. Get a nice cup of tea, coffee, glass of milk or orange juice, or maybe all of the above! Ooh… imagine all those lovely scones, muffins and other varieties of cakes! I mean, a man has to survive for twelve hours and it’s the company’s fault for locking me in and I’m entitled to compensation.

One thing I wouldn’t do is tweet about it right there and then. I’d take all of my selfies against the closed shutters, with the life-sized Dalek and in some other comical positions. I’d certainly tweet them when I’m released the morning after.

If I got really bored, I’d maybe race the lift a few times, seeing how quickly I could beat it.

If there was a life sized Dalek (I know there’s one in my local Waterstones) I wouldn’t think twice about jumping inside and roaming around the place, up and down the lifts, around all the shelves and aisles, putting on my best Dalek voice.

And then, the icing on the cake would be the most sensible thing to do. Make a giant fort out of books. Yup. A giant fort with turrets and windows and defence mechanisms where I could sit with an iPad or something, eating my cakes and drinking my assorted coffees.

Why on earth would you be desperate to get out of a book store if you were locked in it for a night!

What would you do?


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  1. Reblogged this on akloutscoreof10 and commented:
    Had exactly the same thought. Lucky bugger!



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