To Be or Not To Be Independent?

I live in Scotland. You may choose to view that as a fortunate or unfortunate thing. I’m currently having that debate with myself at the moment. So too, am I trying to reach my conclusion to the question: Do you want Scotland to be an independent country? 

It’s a question I am sick of hearing and I gather that many others around and about the United Kingdom share that opinion. The fact is, I am undecided, and have been from the very start.

I was taught, or I should really say, told, a few years back in a classroom that Scotland is not a country. However, many would gladly spend an hour or two fighting to prove that Scotland is a country. I mean, who could blame them? We have our own government, own capital city even our own football team! If I was not from Scotland, or even the United Kingdom and lived somewhere overseas, I would almost certainly regard Scotland as a country already.

So, when it comes into conversation, do you think Scotland should be independent, blah blah blah… I honestly do not know what to answer. I personally already view Scotland as a bit of a country, I don’t know why, I just do, always have and probably always will. So part of me leans towards the no side of things, because I’m fairly happy with the way things are right now. I am young, I know, but so far nothing has come into my life to really make me feel that being tied to England, Wales and Northern Ireland is no good at all. But then again, I look at our rich heritage, a new future and all that lovely stuff and think, well why not tie the knot and just go for a yes – it’ll do us good!

The big day is only ten days away from this date. I’m thankful for the right to vote and don’t want to abuse that fantastic opportunity. But I don’t know what to vote. And, if I am still undecided by the time referendum day comes, the chances are likely that I will close my eyes, spin the paper round a few times and select the box that my pen lands closest to. I put this little problem down to one thing. I am oblivious to the facts and figures.

Everyone living in Scotland knows that we are fighting for independence. But I hope I am not alone in saying that I know nothing. I simply feel that I, as a youth in Scotland, have not been approached in the right way and told about all the changes that will come my way should we become independent; what the benefits will be, the disadvantages, etc. I try to follow the debates on television but I get bored easily of the same information being indoctrinated into our minds by both the yes and the no campaigns. Nor do I want to dive into a couple of hundred pages long book purely containing black and white figures, alleged promises and so on.

The problem is that I have not been engaged in the correct way. I’ve not been attracted to vote towards a certain side through the internet, a very big part of my life, an addiction if anything. If they’ve tried to reach the young population of Scotland in such a way, I’d say they’ve failed because nothing’s flashed up on my screen. I’m just not that interested, it all seems a bit boring if you ask me!

I talk to people (feel free to take a breather after reading that fact) everyday. Some of them share my views whilst others are definitely decided and I just look at them and think, how? We are so young! We’ve spent pretty much all of our lives in education, we’ve not entered the big bad world yet, how could you possibly feel so strong about your choice? And I think that’s where the government have been absolute geniuses. Cheating geniuses.

They’ve intended to keep us uneducated. Maybe. I’ve got no evidence to support that, it’s merely a personal theory. Perhaps they just want us to vote what our parents will vote, a likely thing to happen. Perhaps they do try to make our future sound exciting, almost blackmailing us into a definite decision.

Rant over, I want to see what you people think. Blowing my own trumpet here, I know I get people from all over the world visiting my blog every week, the stats don’t lie. Fill in the quick poll below and tell me what you think, no matter where in the world you are from, I’m really intrigued to see what the rest of the world thinks…




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