Graduation for One, Please?

My sister graduated today. After a good four years of blood sweat and tears, she has left university for good and now ends the education chapter of her life. Congrats to her, but commiserations to me, I have to go through it all next.

I’ve never been forced to do anything, but my parents really do want me to go to university and frankly, so do I! But it’s not the killer dissertation, or the absence of sleep for about four years that’s getting to me. It’s the graduation itself.

Never have I been so mentally and physically exhausted in all my life! Today has been non stop, from the “Happy Graduation Day!” at seven in the morning to this hour long train journey back home. I’m really, really genuinely happy for my sister, but if my graduation is anything like today, I’ll pass out!

The worst was the graduation itself: hundreds upon hundreds of people graduating, and we had to hear them all, just for the sake of hearing my sister’s name. How selfish did that sound, right?

I’m sorry, but there is only so long I can sit, listening to names that will probably never cross my path again.

Can I not just have a graduation day, specifically for me?

If anything else, the organ entertainment was quite something, and I’m looking forward to my dinner.

Oh, and how cool is this staircase? 20140701-193948-70788842.jpg



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