Day One of Probably None


Well would you look at that? I’m blogging – savour the moment while you can!

Hi. Remember me? I’m supposed to be resident blogger here on MY blog. I’ve not been very “resident” however. In fact, it seems like I’ve not posted for months.

I make no apology for it however. I’ve been a busy young man recently!

First thing first, it’s summer. Well, the summer holidays at least, the weather isn’t reflecting that at all at this moment in time. I no longer have to think about school, school or school. Did I mention school? No school for the next 49 days. Yes, I counted.

I’m still struggling to wipe the smile of my face from being appointed a school captain recently, a major achievement in life, and I am looking foreword to serving my school for the next year, as well as the free dinner parties.

I’ve only just recovered from a week of performing in our school show. I’ve never had so much fun in my all my life, an I am now considering giving up all hopes and dreams of becoming a music teacher and becoming a broadway star… Maybe not then. Scary to think about that being possibly my last school show that I perform in, ever! I don’t wanna grow up!

It’s great to finally return here to blow the cobwebs off of the site. I really do appreciate all the support I get from here and am looking forward to getting things back up in running. Ideally, I’d love to blog everyday during the summer holidays, so you’ll enjoy seeing me fail at that. Worth a try, eh?

I really need to get back into photography as soon as possible. I miss it to bits and need to get a good few thousand for my portfolio for my coursework next year too! In addition to photography, I want to introduce more of a musical side of things to this blog, after all, music is my speciality! And finally, I want to emphasise the “Scottish” part of this blog. I feel like I’ve always avoided getting into the nitty gritty Scottish stuff I somehow manage to promote yet never get round to, so I’ll sort something out.

But, it’s same old me. It’s scary how fast life is going now. It won’t be too long before I’ll have got take the “teenager” part away from the tag line of this blog and replace it with something fitting… Like “lunatic”. Yes…” Welcome to the world of a Scottish lunatic.” I look forward to that..

So, I’ll conclude my post by saying this. Toast.

Oh, and here’s a photo taken from my phone of a flower, as I sit in my garden embracing the 17 degree weather under the clouds.




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