I’m Clapping my Hands

Tradition has it, that when one is happy, one should clap one’s hands. Well, in tribute to this tradition, I too am now clapping my hands. Why?

Because, I am a free human being at perhaps one of the most enjoyable moment of my life.

At the tail end of not last week but the other one, I walked out if my fifth and final ‘Higher’ exam. It was Drama, just to add a little detail. And on that second that my time was up, a huge weight lifted from my stress-coated shoulders as it dawned on me that I am now careless and free. For the next three months anyway, until my new (and harder) school year begins.

But, for now, I have no serious, life changing exams to worry about. Well, that us until results day, when I find out just how amazing I am at working with numbers. That’s quite a bit away for now, so I can continue in my victorious lifestyle.

Right now, I’m travelling solo into the city on a wet and windy day, treating myself to a photography day trip, and maybe even a Starbucks. Other coffee baristas are available, but nowhere near as good.

It’s a strange thing: maturing. Only four/five years ago I was practically still holding my mum’s hand, terrified if slipping through the gap between the station platform and the train, and now, I’m sat here on a quiet train, on my way to the city. I’m wondering if I’ll even have the guts to get my camera out!

[Typed on the go, on my phone, so please excuse any ridiculous typos as I am too lazy to read over what I’ve created. Merci beaucoup.



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