Everyday is Sunday


I couldn’t believe when I saw this in the early days of my phone’s camera roll that I have never posted this photo before; my favourite photo I have ever taken. It must have been taken during the summer last year and I remember I captured this peaceful and quiet scene in the seaside town of Girvan. I was just standing, waiting on my parents coming out from a small charity shop in an ally way on a Sunday afternoon (as we’d been spending the day there) and decided to take a photo of the shadowy yet somewhat reflective alleyway. It was only when looking back on my photos from that day that I noticed the reflection of the little, old woman waiting at a bus stop in one of the windows. It gave me a weird lump in my throat as I sort of gave an “aww” at this sweet, innocent lady from a seaside town. It made me realise that there are places in the world -even here in Scotland – that are subtle and sweet, reflecting its people, where every corner is a past-time and every day is Sunday.


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  1. Very Edward Hopper- fantastic!



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