The Burning of the Bamboo Ceremony- 2014

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, goodnight – whatever time zone you find yourself in: hello. It’s been a while, right?

It’s been a while for a good few reasons. Those reasons? Stuff.

Simply, stuff. Stuff has been happening since… well, since the beginning of this year really. Nothing deep, depressing and Taylor Swift worthy. Just good ol’ fashioned lifey stuff.

Since your probably not reading this anyway (apologies and many thanks is awarded to you if you actually are reading), I fancy going way back to 1st January, 2014, 0000 hours. The new year began. Moving on, a few days in to the new year, the death of a family member was announced to me and so all the usual things that happen after a death happened, consuming a good week or two of my exciting life.

After this, my life is then consumed by music practical exams, some concerts and much needed tea brewing. And then the highlight of the year (so far) popped up a few weeks back…

We moved house. Which was somewhat a relief since we had been living in an overcrowded flat for I don’t know how many years. With less than a week before we had to be out of the flat, things were just a bit chaotic, not to mention harsh on all the limbs.

But we managed. We’re all moved in and cosy. Ish. Given only a week to move in, we’ve had no opportunity for decorating and now everything resembles both a pigsty and a bomb site. All in good time I suppose.

Thanks to moving house, I have been living like a caveman for the past two weeks and will be for another two because we have no internet connection set up as of yet and the signal for my phone is absolutely pathetic. So if this every gets uploaded within the week, it’ll be a minor miracle.

And here we are. Me sitting in my ten times larger room than my previous excuse of a cupboard, watching my neighbour’s fence burn in a ceremony of fire. They appear to be having some sort of social gathering (judging my the clanging of beer bottles and perfectly tuneful football chants) and their bamboo fence is alight, quite magnificently against the howling wind and orange splatter that is the sky. I’m guessing they’re having some ancient, colonial burn the bamboo ceremony. I’ll be sure to let you know if anything exciting happens.

And that’s us pretty much up to date. I feel a change is what I needed in my life, especially with the exam diet coming up very shortly. I can’t say I’ve been a study angel which is why I’m getting a little worried. I’m sure I’ll be fine however, with plenty of study schedules and yet more tea brewing on the way. So (yet again) don’t expect any frequent blog posts and other things I find myself sharing with the world.

I’ve not enjoyed not blogging. It’s constantly been on my mind and I guess the big change in my life i.e. the better lifestyle has just urged me to get it out of my head and onto the web.

I know I’m no Wordsworth or Baum when it comes to writing, but it is something I enjoy in the form of blogging, just sharing my thoughts -if anything- with myself, so that I get a nice peace of mind and any of my readers get an insight to my world aside their busy daily lives.

‘Till the next time.




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