Appreciating Bad Films

Having just finished watching “The Box”, a ‘psychological thriller’ starring Cameron Diaz, James Marsden and Frank Langella, I’ve discovered my hatred for films.

I only watched the film because I was needing some light entertainment to round off my day. I couldn’t have chosen a worse film when looking for ‘light’. I was prepared for some sort of horror movie as the thumbnail on BBC iPlayer presented a concerned, eyes watering, curly haired Diaz with a telephone in hand suggested. I was more than just a horror. I don’t even think it was supposed to be a horror, but it terrified me all the same.


The film basically focuses on the issue of human morals. In this case, a couple (Diaz and Marsden) are presented with a package very early in the morning in the run-up to Christmas which later is reveled to hold another, black box with a dome concealing a red button on top. An elegant but disfigured faced 70 year old man turns up at their door and presents them with a choice: to push the button or not to, giving them the key to open the dome, allowing access to the red button. Should they push the button, they will receive $1,000,000 on the condition that they accept that someone, unrelated to them, whom they do not know will die. Or if the button is not pushed, nothing will happen. As the film goes on there is more of science-fiction feel to it as we find out that Mr Stewart (Langella) has superiors/ employers from above. It gets more and more twisted as severe forms of hypnosis, nose bleeds and eerie wedding parties is presented to us and eventually, there is one of those “Ahhhhh, here we go again” endings, you know, when the start of the film repeats itself but with different characters. Yeah.

But I’m not writing a review on the film, it was very well portrayed and excellently captured the plot in a magnificent way. But I got a feeling I’ve experienced so many times from many different films, a feeling that I have never been able to describe, that I am sure many of you also get after a good film, regardless of the genre.

It is a feeling I am getting sick of. It seems to always give me some temporary inspiration, and makes me question the meaning of life for a good few hours, sometimes into the morning of the next day before it is forgotten and I’m back to my exciting life.

I feel as if I no longer want to watch good films because those are the films that seem to scar me momentarily and get to me.

Or maybe I’m just rambling on and I’m a nutcase who gets too affected by films. That’ll be it.

Go watch some bad films and feel amazing afterwards -my advice for the night. Maybe I should turn my advice into a really bad film. Maybe this is how all the greats such as Spielberg got started…



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