Oh, Didn’t I Tell You About London?

Well, almost a week ago, I wrote and shared with you my excitement towards a London trip. Well, I’m back now. Just let me check…


Yup, I’m back.

And what an experience it was. I could go on and on about my experiences in London and to be honest with you… I probably will just go on and on, and on, and on, and…

In order to try and shorten this post a little, I thought I’d just write a few things under some headings of activities, places, sights etc.

Thames River Cruise 

Despite the rather long wait on our boat to arrive, this was one of the most surreal experiences of my life: seeing London in person. I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve seen it on TV, in films, online – everywhere!

London Eye & 4D Experience 

For my first ever 4D experience, the pre-London Eye five minute film was absolutely amazing. Terrifying, but amazing. As for the London Eye… oh, it couldn’t have been more beautiful and stunning. I was totally fine with being in a small pod a hundred metres or so in the air with many strangers but the view was just breathtaking. Absolutely breathtaking. (Photos to come in the coming weeks!)

London Christmas Markets (1) 

Below the London Eye, lay a thin, long strip of Christmas market stalls. We were given about an hour to browse these markets. They were certainly Christmassy and I could have bought anything from small, handcrafted keyrings to giant, four foot gingerbread houses. I didn’t buy anything however – nothing really to my taste nor my wallet’s. The only outcome of the markets below the London Eye was that I discovered my biggest weakness: mulled wine. I honestly cannot stand the smell – as soon as I came in contact with the smell, I couldn’t stop gagging!

Hard Rock Cafe

Though we were only given a set-meal (from which, I chose the cheeseburger with chips, Diet Coke, and the ice-cream served in a glass) I did enjoy the Hard Rock Cafe. I’m not the biggest rock fan but there was an essence of awesome knowing that I was surrounded by some of the most popular and treasured rockstar memorabilia.

IMAX 3D Film – Gravity

I thought it was odd that on a trip to London, we would go to the cinema. We could see a 3D film pretty much anywhere back in Scotland – no? True as that may be, I am certainly glad we went to this cinema. The auditorium was massive, giant, colossal, humungous… you get the idea, don’t you? And the screen was taller than the London Eye (bit of an exaggeration ) and wider than three London buses one behind the other. The IMAX 3D was 99% perfected with minimal blur and motion faults and the film Gravity was just spectacular! Highly recommended!

London Bridge Tombs Experience 

I can honestly say, I don’t think I’ve ever screamed so much in all my life. It wasn’t so much in fear but more so excitement, nerves and anticipation as well as paranoia. The first part was lots of fun and very educational: basically just your average interactive ‘dungeons’ experience. However, the second part was more like a haunted house only… worse. Small, confined spaces, circuses were the clowns were hidden just to terrify us, dolls in abandoned cots, psychotic men with chainsaws… It was terrifying in a way but I just kept telling myself that it was all for fun and a laugh. Let’s just say I ran out the exit door and winded myself on the way out. Yeah…


Well, I’ve never felt more like a peasant in all my life. This multi-floor pound-shop for millionaires just completely took my breath away. Everything looked and felt so expensive whilst I was terrified to move one way or another in fear of knocking over a mannequin wearing contents twice the value of our family car. From live puppies for sale (at extortionate prices) to grand restaurants with only the finest grand pianos- this shop had everything. It was here, one of the most terrifying things happened to me:

I was in the “writing” section and was eyeing up some fancy, but simple leather notebooks. I took an interest in one and decided to ask the sales assistant how much it was, believing it would be approximately £25. She opened the book, and flipped to the back inside cover where a nicely printed label was neatly resting. She answered my query with: “It’s one five five (£155) sir.” At this moment, I had to thank her and pretend it wasn’t the right colour before running out of that department. I don’t know what shocked me more: the unbelievably highly (over) priced notebook or the fact that I was actually called ‘sir’. 

Covent Gardens Markets

This had to be the most Christmassy of all the places in London. The main market hall was so grandly decorated and the hustle and bustle of people from all over doing their Christmas shopping just made the perfect atmosphere. There was a market for everything!

West End Show: “We Will Rock You”

Wow. Just wow. As the last activity of our trip, it was by far one of the best. I can honestly say I have never witnessed anything more amazing, breathtaking and thrilling in all my life. I could have done without the “technical issue” which caused a halt of the show ten minutes in. However, the show did go on and I loved every second!

– – –           – – –           – – –           – – –           – – –           – – –           – – –           – – –           – – –

London was just amazing. The past week has been filled with a depression; me wishing I was back down there! It was very expensive and I honestly think I would die of exhaustion after any more than a week down there! However, I took plenty of photos and so, you can expect to see them over the next coming weeks!


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  1. purrple123 says:

    Reblogged this on Float Like A Cloud and commented:
    Amazing photo


  2. Aaron says:

    I have to agree that London is an absolutely wonderful place: I’ve never seen so much wonderful architecture, culture and history in one place!


  3. I spend my life raving about how great San Francisco is. Yet I live within an hour of London and spend a lot of time there because it is a beautiful, historic and vibrant city, arguably the best in the world. I am so grateful that I have these two but very different but undeniably great cities.



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