Somewhere Up High



Above is a photo taken up a hill somewhere in Edinburgh. To be more precise, it was atop the mountain that holds Edinburgh Zoo.

So yeah, I was at the zoo on Tuesday and my photography expedition with my dad not only left us exhausted but made me realise that you are never too old for the zoo. Ish.

No lion roars or monkey laughs were heard during the trip but instead, the native cry of the human child was audible at every corner of the zoo, even several hundred feet above sea level.

Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable day with over 800 photos taken. I’m sure at least one of them will have turned out ok… Hopefully. Not only were some of the animals rather photogenic (whilst some certainly were not) but the advantage of a zoo being placed on a high hill/ mountain in Edinburgh was clear hence the beauty of the photo above.

As soon possible, I hope to get some of the photos up here on my blog.

In other news, well… two items…

1) On Tuesday, my blog hit 500 followers which I am extremely grateful for! I thank every single one of you for your undying support throughout the past few years and here’s to 500 more!

2) School is no longer out for the summer. Yes, that’s right; I’m back to school on Friday (I know, very sensible of the authorities to send us back on a Friday) after a not so exciting summer. However, I’ll make up for all the rubbish summers when I’m free in the big bad world and when I can drive – The quest to see as much of the world as possible shall be on!

Going back to school means having to get my head down again, especially since this is an extremely important year for me. I honestly can’t wait. (That’s sarcasm) So, expect to only really see scheduled photography being published here and only the odd written update, like this one.

But hey, here’s to a fun filled, educational, joyous school year ahead!

On a more positive note, it’s only 4 months until Christmas!



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