Hope For the Future

I’m no stranger to going to sleep very late, especially at weekends and holidays and it is something I hate about myself. However, tonight I couldn’t do anything but wait, wait for my 2013 exam results!

And it is safe to say, it’s all good! I’m very pleased with the overall results I achieved and I really did surprise myself with the likes of French – top marks! How I managed that, I’ll never know. Just as well seeing as I picked it as a higher subject for next term!

I’d been getting more and more nervous as the countdown started drawing to a close. I started doubting myself and the more I thought of it, the worse the exams would seem.

But no, I opened up the email (since I had chosen to receive an email notification since my postman decides to come mid-afternoon) and I burst out with a sort of weird combination of laughter, joy, snorting and happiness. There may have been a tear of relief as well…

And so, I have hope for the future. Why? Because I managed to overcome the hardest time of my life I had;: exam time. I showed them what I had and I did my best and achieved my best! Let’s not mention Biology just to keep things happy!

The only thing that gets me is that I managed to do better in French than I did with English… does that make me a true, professional Frenchman then?


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  1. Aaron says:

    Well, it’s a little confusing I think haha!

    These exam results are based on Intermediates and Standard Grades. For intermediates, an A is the highest whereas in standard grades, a 1 is the best and so on.

    I got an A for most of my intermediates and 1 for most of my standard grades! I’m really happy with it!

    Now I have the higher exams ahead of me which are like the most important ones, these grades are the ones the universities look for! These, like Intermediates are graded in letters, A being the highest.

    Hope that makes it clearer haha!


  2. Aaron says:

    Haha thank you!


  3. Jacob Ericson says:

    What grades did you get? How does the system work in bonnie ol’ Scotland?


  4. Oui, oui!



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