In the early hours of the morning as I baked under my duvet in the humid temperatures of the night, I decided going to sleep to… early was a no go. This triggered the normal plan of action, watch a film.

Bicentennial Man (film)
Bicentennial Man (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It just so happened I somehow remembered a film I hadn’t watched in years, The Bicentennial Man. I looked it up on YouTube and to my delight, someone had so kindly uploaded the full film! I suppose you could click > here < to go and watch it, if you want.

As sad as it is, almost any film can have an impact on me somehow, especially films where the ending is so heart twisting and emotional. Well, if you haven’t guessed already, this film had exactly that: an ending which squeezed every emotion out of me possible and left so many things in my head to think about. Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is what sleep deprivation can do to a person.

Almost immediately after watching the film and drying my tears, I started typing up some sort of philosophical essay for no apparent reason. My mind was filled with this wonder and awe about the universe and hatred for mankind. Seriously, I now know that it is best to sleep rather than not sleep.

I never got to finish this essay since tiredness (luckily) took over before I started summoning the entire human population to Hell or something like that. However, since I am still tired and don’t know what I am doing, I thought I’d share with you the nonsense that I wrote. Please excuse any stupid mistakes as this was typed up at 4am on a tablet. 

I don’t know if I am any different from anyone else. Well, of course I am unique; everyone is! But I’m not sure if I take a different look on life than most people. It certainly feels like it right now.

It probably is just a “teenager” thing, one of the phases we are said to go through. But whilst people are so caught up with their own lives and the lives of others, I am here in this great pool of thought.
We just happen to be creatures on a planet in a solar system in a galaxy, in a universe etc. and yet we know so little about ourselves. Us so cold “humans” just happen to be a species on this planet -a planet which we, the inhabitants of, cannot decide on it’s creation- we happen to be the most successful species. We are far more intelligent than say, the common spider. Or are we?
The spider, in proportion, knows so much more about itself than we do of ourselves. We cannot possibly know at this moment in time, know exactly what a spider thinks or feels. But it lives it’s short life they way its ancestors done before it and their ancestors and so on. This eight legged creature which for some, can cause extreme fear for unknown reasons (including myself)  lives every day near enough the same, following the same routine over and over again, all in the manner of survival. It doesn’t get bored, surely, since it continues to live the same day, everyday. Or maybe I should stop being so assumptious. What if there is a spider out there like me right now? Another creature who feels so isolated from its own kind yet feels no way of escape?
Not only are we very complex but the lives we live that we created throughout time are puzzles themselves, never to be solved.
What makes us so different from the spider, the deer, elephant, the rabbit? Don’t we live the same day over and over again? Because no matter what, we will always have to survive. We may not have to fight for our next meal or kill for the sake of competition, but we have to stay alive just like every other living thing on this planet:  human, giraffe, hippopotamus, warthog, spider, bee, rose, weed – we all feel the need to stay alive, and for what?
From the moment we are born, death is 100% guaranteed. We are dying from the very moment we breathe on our own and are no longer part of our mother. We all have a date of birth and we most certainly have a date of death.
Our lifespan is considered very long compared to that of a common bee who is destined to no longer live after only a couple of months after being born.
Over time, we have separated ourselves from all other organisms on this planet to an extent where we claim to own this planet that we so bluntly named, “earth”. No other living thing on this planet had a say in any decision about this earth. Perhaps they just lay back, knowing what our future will be.
Our future being certain chaos. Think about it! A species of a planet obsessed by the power they own, abusing it day in and day out.
Survival it may be, but what right have we got to OWN our food straight from birth? We call the piglet our own when born on “our” land. That piglet will make its way to a lovely full English breakfast in a hotel one day in the not too distant future. Not once did it get to roam with a state of mind knowing that it was free. We gave that pig a set area to live its life with a fate that we had chosen. By way of luck (bad in this case), this pig was born to a mother whom we also owned, and the chain goes on. The poor creature never had a chance to choose its life nor defend itself when the greater species got hungry.
We have removed ourselves from the food chain in a sense. We rely on the standard food chain, where predators kill their pray and all is fair in the big game of survival. We then take that massive production for granted and eat what we please. If not that, we use the skin for our shoes, a man made invention to save our feet from the rough of the ground below us. And yet, I’ve never seen a rabbit wearing shoes! It adapted to the ground, but we chose to go around be problem instead of facing it, just like in everything else we do.

So yeah, that happened…

I’m pretty sure those thoughts have worn off but I’m now faced with another set of thoughts as to whether I should be going down the philosophy route instead of the music one!



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