Only in Scotland


Well, the weather sure has been a little abnormal recently in that, we have had sun. Yes, believe it or not, we have been able to see – and feel – that big orange orb in the sky for quite some time now, almost two full weeks! That was until yesterday…

I thought I’s travelled back in time when I woke up earlier than my usual yesterday morning. I caught the sound of a mighty rumble which made me think I was experiencing a WWII Blitz!

Sadly, I hadn’t mastered time travel and it just turned out a thunder storm had hit us (metaphorically). The rain bounced off the house like a load of tennis balls falling from a great height. The whole room lit up now and then due to the lightning flashes.

What got me, was that only the day before, everyone was out in the sun almost naked, taking the whole “stay-cation” thing to a whole new level.

Thunderstorms were expected however since we hadn’t had a drop of rain for over two weeks and the average temperature must have been at least 25 degrees Celsius every day.

And yet, right now as I look outside of my window, it is only slightly cloudy with outbreaks of some glorious sun.

It’s true what they say though; in Scotland, you really can experience all four seasons in a day!


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  1. Aaron says:

    Why thank you!


  2. Great photo!



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