Forgotten Pier

Forgotten Pier ©Hawth.meI experienced the most spine chilling experience of my life when in Blackpool three weeks ago or so.

The North Pier was open to late hours and I remember it was around 11 PM. My parents were with me though taking a slow stroll behind me as I ran around taking photos.

When I went through an entrance the the main stretch of the pier, I wiggled and shivered as I observed what was in front of me.

Almost pure blackness with only the reflection of distant lights and the moon lighting up the eerie pier.

What really freaked me out was when my camera picked up three faces in the right hand side of the photo. I’ve examined the photo over and over and can see no person nor no spirit. On the night I couldn’t see anything either but I had heard stories of this pier being haunted and its long and fascinating history doesn’t make me doubt any of the stories I’ve heard.

I took my photos quickly and got off the pier before anything else freaked me out!


One Comment Add yours

  1. dalo2013 says:

    So, I’d like to ask you…how much did you drink that night?!? 🙂



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