It Pays To Look


It Pays to Look ©Hawth.meSo my mum shouts me in and points out of the window into the distance, directing my eyes towards this beautiful sight.  I – naturally – grab my camera and get snapping. And here we are! Sometimes it pays to look outside of your window now and then!


7 Comments Add yours

  1. 🙂


  2. Aaron says:

    Thank you so much for replying with such a lovely comment! 🙂


  3. Phenomenal! thanks for sharing this lovely photo. Blessings, Sue


  4. Aaron says:

    Hello from Scotland!

    Thank you very much for the wonderful comment!


  5. Aaron says:

    Thank You!


  6. ciaranj2013 says:

    Nice pic!!!!


  7. Hej from Sweden !

    Wow you are right! It does pay to look out your window now and then. Just look at what you found. So absolutely beautiful !
    What a natural sight and what a photo.



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