The Huawei Ascend W1

Never did I think that any time soon, I would receive something thanks to my blog. I mean as in a product, a product to review which has been sent to me. Well, it turns out anything is possible as I now sit here with a fantastic Windows phone beside me.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted through my blog to see if I wanted to take part in a review campaign. At first, I was very doubtful because it seemed too good to be true. Me? Receive a product to review? This has got to be a scam to get my personal details or something.

I emailed back and forth about my concerns but I was reassured time and time again that this was no scam and it was all legit, safe and reliable.

A few weeks after, boom, a package delivered to my door. It wasn’t so much of a surprise, as I did get a confirmation email that it was being sent to me.

And so, in perfect timing for my birthday, I received the Huawei (best pronounced as ‘wah-way’ as stated clearly on the instructional flyer that came with!) Ascend W1. And what a cracker it is.

The whole point of me receiving this device, is for me to review it and share it as much as possible which is the least I can do. So, here we go.

Huawei Ascend W1

This #w1ndows phone has to be one of the best user-friendly and appealing Windows phone out there today.

©Hawth.meFrom the opening of the box, everything is so clear and simple that even a baby could use it! But the phone is no baby business, it proves to be very powerful indeed with very clever parts and functions. The camera, for example: I can access it by simply pushing the button on the side and I have never felt a phone like this in that it is as good as or even better than most digital cameras. You can see some sample photos I took below.

The Windows operating system is very nice indeed: very user friendly, appealing and highly customisable from the layout to the colours.

The phone is very light weight and unbelievably thin which is handy to keep in your pocket. The sound quality of both ringtones and music is mind blowing – I could host a party using that phone alone! Well, not quite but you get the idea.

One thing that I have realised over the past week since I got the phone is the astounding battery life. I’m used to seeing the charge level go down considerably after a full charge on my Android phone but this Ascend W1’s battery is insane in that I spent many, many hours using the phone to its full capacity without worrying about running out of juice. It’s rare to find such an amazing device with a magnificent power plan especially as we use so many features on our modern devices. This certainly is outstanding.

The device seems to be appealing to all ages, my parents seem to love it as well! The phone is very useful to teens with impressive social network integrations such as Twitter, Facebook etc.

I would highly recommend this phone as it really is a fantastic devices and to date, I’ve never had one problem with it.

As for the review campaign, I think it’s fabulous. I was honoured when approached about this opportunity and though doubtful and unable to believe what was being offered to me, I am overly happy that I am now sitting with such a magnificent device. After using it a week, I feel I know the phone inside out and any review I have to write on it is easy, simply because I cannot find any flaws at all (so far!).

I’ve loved Tweeting with the phone and its impressive camera and all feedback has been positive.

It has been a delight and honour to be part of this review campaign and the phone has became my new best friend! Well… sort of.

– – –

Here are just some photos I took with the impressive camera on the phone. The quality and purity of the images just blows me away .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

– – –

Here are some more photos of the phone itself!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

– – –

I’d like to thank FleishmanHillardfor getting in touch with me in the first place and as promised, the packaging was very special: a lovely colorful box with a question mark on top and I even loved the brown packaging that was wrapped in. I can’t show my appreciation enough for being able to take part in such a campaign and I can’t wait to keep discovering more about the Huawei Ascend W1!

Thank You !


7 Comments Add yours

  1. snolisam2 says:

    how can you logout of facebook. i cant seem to find out how and its using up my data. . . plss help. . .


  2. Aaron says:

    Hehe thanks!


  3. Living close to Microsoft I am glad you like your Windows phone. 🙂


  4. Aaron says:

    Thank you!


  5. Nuno says:

    Awesome photos!


  6. Aaron says:

    Thank you so much!


  7. Office Diva says:

    I think it’s way-way cool that you got this phone and the chance to review it, just in time for your birthday. Keen. Happy belated.



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