Thank You Hackers


So yeah, I kind of lost my Twitter account tonight.

I actually nearly lost a lot of things tonight including my Facebook account and email account as some bright hacker thinks they can take control of my accounts. The attacks don’t surprise me anymore because I usually get these hacking occurrences once or twice a week. And before I go on, if any hacker of mines is reading this just know that you can get access to every account you want of mines but you’ll never get anything worth while with an empty skull like yours, and I’ll never get tired of regaining access to my accounts.

That being said, my Twitter account has… Disappeared. I got the password reset emails which I didn’t request (the usual signs of a hacker) and then suddenly my account doesn’t exist. At last.

All today believe it or not, I was considering getting a new Twitter account because I was unhappy with the @MeHawth one.

Well now this virtual incident has made me happy because I can start a fresh. I’m not going to follow random people for the sake of following them, but I will follow the people I like, the good people who have connected with me etc.

I’ve never done “follow for follow” because it is just stupid. Most of the followers you end up with only care about having you as a follower and not your content. I’d rather half three followers who care about what I tweet rather than a thousand who just scroll past every tweet.

So, click here to follow me or just search for @HawthMe on Twitter.



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