Handy Photography

I own an iPad. I have done for the past… Ow now let me count… Week and a half.

I’m not some sort of spoiled child who just asked for an iPad and got one nor are we the kind of family who can just by an iPad whenever we want. Sadly.

Basically, I gave my old tablet that I got for Christmas back to Carphone Warehouse because it wasn’t charging about two weeks ago and not long after, they phoned saying it was irreparable and in exchange they gave me £300 in store credit. So I went for the iPad mini. And a case. And a £15 iTunes card. Followed by a McDonalds. Not covered by the store credit.

With the great size of the iPad mini and it being smaller than my now dead Motorola Xoom 2, I’ve Lund myself moving around more with my iPad and taking photos of various things that look appealing.

So now I’ve decided to create iPadography on my blog. I’ll just randomly post random photos of random things taken with my iPad now and then, just for the fun of it.

Yes, I could have done something similar with my old tablet but iPadographydoes seem catchier.

Enjoy two examples of the randomness you should expec to find from iPadography.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Aaron says:

    Haha, thank you !


  2. I take a long time to realize what was haha. Really cool!


  3. Aaron says:

    Ooh, yeah so it does! And thank you!


  4. Cool! The second photo looked like an alien insect or space being until I figured it out. I love abstract images that make the imagination work. Good job.



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