Spreading Love is Easier Than Spreading Butter

Spreading butter is something I have never been good at, am not good at and will never be good at.  Me with a knife, butter and a loaf of bread is the worst combination possible. I try to lightly spread the soft butter on the fresh, smooth bread. In the end, the bread has several holes in it, randomly placed patches of butter all over it and eventually, me calling for Mother to come and sort my mess out. I’m guessing this is why my mum is more than happy for me to be at school for 75% of the year for lunch. (Don’t assume that calculation is accurate, it just came from the jungle that is, my brain.)

Today, I found something I am good at spreading. Love. Don’t worry, I’m not about to go all hippy and stuff.

I love it when my inbox is filled with emails from WordPress saying that people have liked my stuff on my blog or even telling me about the odd comment or two. But today, something struck me. I noticed how much of an ungrateful person I am. I looked in one random history sort of section of my blog and discovered that I had only ever liked four posts. Four posts, considering I follow over a hundred people.

So I hit the reader page of WordPress today and went crazy. As soon as I seen something I liked in, maybe the photography tagged section or the art section or even the writing section, I clicked like. And here I am, talking about spreading the love, virtually.

I know how disappointing it is when you’ve gone through the effort of creating a blog post and you don’t get any likes on the post or at a push, one or two. So, I thought I’d now start to brighten some random peoples’ days up by liking the content I… well, like!

Have you tried spreading the love recently? If you’re no good with butter, try love. Don’t go too far though. I’m glad it is virtual for a reason. You can get holes in love as well as bread.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Aaron says:

    True, how very true!


  2. Love works contrary to the law of conservation of energy (or matter): the more you give, the more is created.



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