Okay, Here We Go

So here we are. End of the Easter Holidays. But every ending presents a new beginning, doesn’t it?

Well in this case, yes. And don’t you worry, this isn’t going to be an “I’m changing my way of life” blog posts.

Now, I really, really, really, really must get my head down, it’s about to turn into exam time.

I have a bit of a confession to myself to make. I promised myself I was going to use the holidays to study which would have been a major help but… I didn’t. At all. Shock horror.

I don’t really regret it though because I did what I thought was best. I needed a solid break; no mention, thought or worry about school, just two weeks worth of rest, relaxation and the internet to get me ready to go back to school with the right set of mind.

I don’t care what any teacher says, I live my life my way. Yes, I want the best for myself and all that and I am doing that. I have my study plan ready and I am more than confident I will do my ultimate best in my exams. And I know the consequences which follow if I don’t.

So this probably means I will not be blogging a lot. I’ll need to organise my leisure time just like I am with my study time.

I’ve scheduled two weeks worth of various unpublished photos to keep my blog going but after that, I may not be present for a while. But hey, it’s for the best.

So, when I finish this blog post, I’ll be tying up all loose ends and closing my computer down for the last time with the term “leisure” in my head. The only time my computer will come on will be for study, typing up essays/ research etc. Nothing else.

Any leisure time I give myself, I’ll resort to my phone and my tablet but that is al because my computer is too much of a distraction. In fact, I’ve created another account on my laptop entitled¬†study¬†which I have only allowed access for certain programs such as the browser, word processing etc. – no games, no nothing.

So. Here I go. Logging off for one last time for the next month or so in hope that when I return, I will have a good state of mind knowing that I have done well in my exams.

Thank you all for your support from the very beginning and I hope to see you all at the other end!

Bye for now!



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