The Day My Dream Came True

My life is complete. Well, my life completion level has been boosted at least.

For years now, I have had a sort of secret interest in organs, in particular, theatre organs; the organs which used to accompany silent movies and which provided entertainment before people were trapped in their houses with their laptops.

It had been my dream for a long time to play a theatre organ, afterall it is a powerful instrument and a beautiful one at the same time.

And today that dream came true.

Me seated at the Pollokshaw Burgh Halls Mighty Wurlitzer!
Me seated at the Pollokshaw Burgh Halls Mighty Wurlitzer!

Last night I had been looking at theatre organs around the UK and was shocked when I had seen that there was a magnificent Wurlitzer Theatre Organ so nearby. I immediately told my parents and insisted we simply must go and see it.

This morning, I was delighted to be woken up to the words from my mother, “Your dad phoned up about the Wurlitzer and they said they are working on it but is available to see.”

And so, not long after, we headed out to Pollokshaws Burgh Hall to see the mighty Wurlitzer.

As soon as I entered the rather nicely decorated hall, my mouth dropped as I seen this monster of an organ centre stage standing so proud and looking so majestic, ignoring the group of men at their lunch who so kindly allowed us in to see the organ. But don’t worry, I did eventually manage to draw my eyes away from the organ and get acquainted with the men, whom I must say were very pleasant and welcoming.

One of the men soon showed us a demonstration which had been pre recorded which blew us away, a James Bond medley or something like that and then of course that organ signature tune, I Do Like to be beside the Seaside. 

Better still, I was then lead through a door and up some stairs to be met by the organ itself, still looking amazing. I couldn’t believe it, I was actually less than a few centimeters away from a Wurlitzer organ.

The man showed us some of the features on the organ and then the most beautiful words I ever heard came out, “You can have a try for yourself.”

Ok stop. Think about it, all my life I had been dreaming of playing a theatre organ and today, my dream was coming true. It was only 3 hours ago I was in my bed snoozing away not thinking I would be playing a Wurlitzer theatre organ in only a matter of time.

So I played the Wurlitzer. I was rather rusty to begin with because never before had I played an organ. I am a pretty experienced piano player (fairly) so I did have an understanding of what I was doing but the fact that I was surrounded by three times as many pianos in the one instruments, so many possible combinations of sound and a pedalboard just blew me away.

I started off with I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables and then played about with some of the features with some other songs such as The Entertainer, Anything Goes, and absurdly, a Mary Poppins medley as well as a Beatles song or two.

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After around half an hour of playing, I sadly but appreciatively had to let the men get back to work maintaining the organ (which they do very well).

But it wasn’t over, we then got a tour of the pipes and different parts of the organ as well as an opportunity to see the massive (and very loud) organ blowers (the things that makes the organ produce sound).

And then we left. But, this is no once in a lifetime thing, the men at the Scottish Cinema Organ Trust kindly invited me to come back next Tuesday to  see the organ again and possibly to do some voluntary work. Oh, and I got an application to join the SCOT members. Life doesn’t get much better than this!

So today proved one thing to me at least, dreams really do come true!



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