Living, Breathing History

I experienced something today which many have never and will likely never experience. As part of our history unit of the changes that took place when Hitler came to power in Germany, we had a guest speaker in to talk to us today about her experiences as a Jew in Nazi Germany. I’m not going to go into details because after all, I have no right to spread on the amazing stories and facts she told us and what she told us isn’t really the main point of this blog post.

I was constantly amazed by what this lovely woman was telling us but what dazzled me even more was what I was experiencing. Standing right there in front of me was living, breathing history. An ordinary human being who witnessed and was part of history, history which changed the world.

Earth has been home to thousands -if not millions- of life changing events. It is impossible for a human to experience all of these events in a lifetime but it is possible to learn of many historical events. And I was doing more than learning of a historical event today, I was staring at history right in the face.

This woman was so kind enough as to come in and share with us a part of her life which not only affected her but millions more. Sadly, in 10, 20, 30 years time, such an experience will not be available because life goes on. Yes, there will always be people who will share their experiences of events for years and years to come but one day, no one will be left to talk of their experiences of life in Nazi Germany just like one day there will be no one left to speak of their experiences of the assassination of JFK or no one to tell of the horrors and experiences of 9/11.

Time is constantly moving on. You are one minute older than what you were when you started reading this blog post and that alone is history. It may not be noteworthy history but it is history all the same, it happened instead of happening or about to happen.

I learned lots of things today but one of the most valuable lessons I learned was this:

Grab history while you can because it is the closest some of us will get to a once in a life time experience not only for ourselves but for generations to come. 



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