Pardon Me

Almost a month since my last blog post. Shame on me.

It really is a shame on me because as a result of my absence on my blog, every day it just seems to fade away more and more and I think of it more like an old war treasure in an attack gathering dust and cobwebs. This evening as I blog again, it seems like this is me blowing all of that dust off of the treasure and thinking of how I should not have kept it in such conditions. But hey, enough with the metaphors and stuff, how’s life?

You could take that question as a rhetorical question which most of you will do anyway or you could answer with a comment or an email or something. That would make me most happy. Still, the fact that there are people still supporting me by reading this keeps me happy I suppose and if you are reading this then  you are a supporter whether you like it or not.

Enough about you, time to talk about me.

What’s went on during my absence? I hear you ask. Well, to be honest not an awful lot.  Well, it depends on how you look at it suppose.

School is going on just as normal, sadly. The reason I say sadly is because I want to just tell school life to stop and take a breather. In a month’s  time now, I’ll be sitting the first set of very important exams; the exams which will decide on what I do with my life. I feel as if I need time to stop just to let me come back to the surface of the deep waters that is school life and take a breather. Yes, I know that studying has to start going on and I know that I have plenty of time to get studying done but I feel as if my brain is, once again, going through that stage where it just gets clogged up with so much worry, stress, pessimism etc. The Easter holidays are coming up very shortly however so I think I will take some of that time to chill out, clear my head and get my head down.

I’ve been getting very musical lately. I would say I always have been musical but I guess now I’m just that little bit more  musical. I was told about a creative residency thing not so long ago which takes place every year allowing around 50 pupils from the county of art, writing, photography and musical skills. I went to a ‘taster session’ a week or two ago and I am really interested in it. There is a whole application process and there is a lot of competition for a place but one of the things I need to do to prove that I do have musical abilities and skills is to send away a composition I have written if I want any hope of getting into the musical composition part of things. I have composed before both in and out of school though the scores I came up with weren’t too special. But now, I’ve  bought my manuscript paper, downloaded my notation software and am cracking on at composing. I must say, I would never have thought I would enjoy composing so much. Thanks to my new found love for composing, I now find myself with more musical skills. I feel that because I am now frequently working with music and all the terms of it, I am more able to recognise these concepts and terms when reading music which I hope will majorly help me for my upcoming Grade 4 piano exam in early April. I should also mention that since my last blog post I sat my music practical exams which, to be honest, I thought quite well and am expecting good results from.

I’ve sadly not been up to much photography wise recently. I really miss it but I just haven’t seemed to be inspired by anything or even had the time to get my camera out and start snapping. At the most, I’ve just been posting the odd photo to Instagram but I’ve not went on any photography hunting trips or anything. Hopefully I’ll soon be out and about again with my camera just as soon as the weather clears up a bit. Speaking of weather…

Snow. In the middle of March. Yes, it has happened before but it is quite rare. I don’t think I will be able to get my head around the idea of having snow on Easter Sunday in a week’s time when all my life I have celebrated Easter in Spring like weather. It’s not even good snow however. It seems everywhere but my town gets the traditional snow, the snow which actually lies on the ground and piles up an inch or two. But no, not my town we just get the rubbish snow which rarely lies and when it does, it only leaves a frosting all over the place which proves to be… ugly. 

Apart from all of this, nothing noteworthy has really happened. Just plain ol’  life as normal in Scotland. I’m not going to complain however because I know that a bad day is only  like that because I allow it to be.

Oh well, time to wrap things up as I feel I have written a novel on my whole life.

Until the next time, be happy and love thy neighbour and all that jazz.




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