And So it Begins

I’m back from nowhere!

I have been very quiet for the past few weeks on my blog in fact, you may as well have though I was dead. Well, unless I did die and I can somehow blog as a ghost or something, I’m not dead, I think.

I’ve not completely forgot about my blog I simply took a break. I worked out that since the start of the year I had been blogging for around 40 – 45 days in a row as part of my ‘blog every day’ challenge which, as I explained in my last blog post, I through out of the window. 

So, I thought it was only right that I gave myself a break to get my head back to normal and not having to panic about having to blog before midnight to keep my challenge being a success. But hey, I feel free and happy now, knowing that I don’t have to publish a post every day and can instead blog whenever, wherever and however I want to.

But I’m back now from my break and I shall (hopefully) be blogging a lot more frequently now. But before we get on with the present, let me fill you in on the past – what you’ve missed over the two weeks I have not been typing away to the world.

Heck all.

Ok, maybe a slight lie. Ok a big lie. Everyday something new happens or something interesting pops up but a lot of them, to me, just aren’t blog worthy.

One of the things however, which I thought would be fun to share with the world is my experience of being a photographer in a proper photography studio and working on portraits and lighting and other various stuff.

It was simply a day out of school with my school’s photography club which I was rather excited about. Despite being terrified of using very, very, very expensive cameras and equipment and despite me spending the day dressed like a cross between Charlie Chaplin and delectable English gentleman, I rather enjoyed playing with lighting and portraiture.

Since the studio we were at was based in a heritage museum’s grounds, we got to go around the place with our cameras taking many photos of the many different historic exhibits, buildings and machinery etc.

I’ve edited a number of the photos I took that day and have scheduled them to be posted throughout this week and some of next week – why have a photo and not share it with anyone?

Apart from this exciting photography adventure, nothing worthwhile sharing has happened really. Now let us get on with the present. Yes, believe it or not, we haven’t yet come to the main subject of this blog post yet.

Exam time is getting close. Very close. 7-9 weeks close. Sounds quite far but I know it will fly in and I need to start working my backside off. I have decided that as from tomorrow, I put myself on a strict study timetable.

It’s for the best. I’m not going to make it that I detest studying because I am being too harsh on myself but I need to be cruel to be kind to myself. If I want any decent chance in having a very enjoyable life doing what I want to do, I need to get my head down and study, study, study.

That’s not to say I’m never going to have free time or I am never going to enjoy myself. I will spice my studying up a bit to make it more enjoyable by using different forms of revising such as using the internet, watching video clips, playing games etc.

But I need to start now and as my traditions go, anything new starts on a Monday. Just like my next item.

I’ve went on and on before about how I need to diet and exercise because I’m no lightweight, pencil thin teenager. Luckily, I am still at the stage I can fit through doors and can score a few goals in hockey during physical education.

For my own good and for my own confidence, I have decided (yet again) that tomorrow starts my new ‘healthier me’ phase. Should last me at least a week.

I also want to start a fresh outlook on life. Recently, I have been letting all the not-so-good things in life get into my brain and I don’t want to say it but, I am becoming a bit of a pessimist. But, there’s always time for change in life and when better to do it than when I’m starting a whole load of other stuff.

So, tomorrow marks a new me, sort of. I don’t want to change dramatically because then I will just be someone I don’t want to be and it will be very hard to get out of that habit. I’m going to call it an upgrade in life. I’m staying the way I am but updating a few things such as my lifestyle, outlook on life and mental habits.

As from tomorrow, I want to enjoy life and always have my glass half full and not half empty. I want to enjoy going to school and I want to be grateful that I do have the capabilities and facilities to study and learn about the different things in life, and I want to be appreciative that I can make my body a healthy one and I will prove to myself that I can overcome any hurdles that get in my way.

Looking on the bright side!
Looking on the bright side!

And so, I end my novel with this,

Goodbye and I look forward to my next blog post.



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