Maybe Not Then – I’m Free

At the start of this year, I persuaded myself that I was going to post on my blog every single day of the year. It seemed like a great challenge at first but I am having second thoughts.

I’m being harsh on myself – posting every day is something even professional bloggers find hard and I’m trying to get myself to do it – me, a teen at school with very important exams coming up. You can see where I’m going with this.

Every night, I always get a heart attack moment when I realise I still need to blog for the day. This feeling alone is uncomfortable, I don’t want to feel this way about blogging.

Most of the time, the blog posts I post to keep my challenged running successfully, are posted almost right before I go to bed even if it is a weekend when I’m not at school for half the day. These posts are generally rushed and the ideas they are based on are very blunt and boring.

Blogging is never easy, every blogger knows that whether they are professional or amateurs or somewhere in between. I usually blog about things that happen in my life as well as posting my photography work occasionally.

When I started this challenge I set myself, I immediately found a problem. My weekdays and most weekends were just too boring to base a whole blog post on, at the most I would have got about one sentence out of my day. So, to solve this, I blogged in a way I’m not so happy with, I started blogging about… things and not events or my life or any of the other types of posts I enjoy writing. These things were basically just made up of me looking around my room at ten o’clock at night, something catching my eye which relates to something else in my brain which leads on to another link to another, another and so on.

Having to then write a decent size blog post and run around the house with my phone or tablet or even camera to provide photos for the blog posts and for their featured images (otherwise it just looks messy) was and is a pain in the neck.

This form of blogging is just not me and I’m almost at the stage where blogging is becoming a dreaded part of my day. So, this is where I draw the line.

I have exams coming up very soon as I already mentioned and I cannot afford to mess up in them because I was too busy trying to get a blog post sorted or something like that. I have to sort my priorities.

It’s not just the exams though, I want to go back to enjoying blogging and making it less of a chore and more of a hobby again! I want to post when I want and how I want with no limitations or stress.

Nothing really changes however. I will still persuade myself to blog frequently but under no stress. There may be days without blog posts whilst their may be days with ten blog posts in a row, I don’t care and I’m sure you don’t so I guess you and me are both happy.

This does not mark the failing of a challenge and a goal I set myself. It marks an amazing turning point – I have realised how stupid I have been to even consider doing such a thing and altered it (or just got rid of it altogether) to suit me. After all, it is my blog!

So, here’s to a fresh start, my next post could be tomorrow or it could be next week, who knows but at least it’ll be a good one because it’ll be a blog post I enjoyed writing in the hope of my readers enjoying reading it.

I thank you very much for reading this and I’ll see you on the other side!



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