Just Doing It

My eyes opened this morning as I was coming out of a good sleep. I knew what I had to do today, whether I wanted to or not.

I had to practice piano. *CUE SHOCK HORROR MUSIC*

Ok, not a thrilling surprise and not exactly the most fun sounding thing to do with a day off of school (as today is a holiday).

Just Doing It!I love playing piano, I self-taught myself how to play by ear (to a fairly good standard) but am not getting lessons to read music, now at grade 4 or about to sit the exam in April anyway.

Because I am able to play by ear, I find it harder to sit down to a piece of music and work out how the song goes and work on getting it perfect. It’s not that I don’t know how, it’s just that I’m too lazy and want to play things the way I want because I have the knowledge and the power to do so.

But today, I just blanked all the hatred out. I just went for it. And believe it or not, I ended up enjoying it.

I can guarantee there are thousands of psychological explanations to motivation and the power of liking and disliking stuff but I am no psychologist or brain expert.  I just blocked out the mental mess that is my brain and forced my self to switch that piano on (it’s digital) and get that music book out  and play.

I must have spent around 2-3 hours today (with frequent long breaks) going on and off the piano. I may have spent a little too much time on breaks I allowed myself but I still got a lot done. And you know what? I ended up enjoying it – alone in my room with a piano and a not bad piece of music, it’s really quite soothing and relaxing!

So that proves it for me, just doing it and getting it over and done with does help and you might even get some fun out of it!

Or maybe the fact of having an exam very, very soon was what scared me.




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