Here is a Photo

Here is a photo. Another RiverIt isn’t the clearest of photos and the editing is a little poor but, does that really matter?

When looking at a photo are you looking for the quality, the editing skills of the photographer, the camera skills and the angle and everything else photographyish? Or, do you just accept the photo the way it is and instead, appreciate the subject of the photo, the true meaning of it, the point of the photo. 

Because, let’s face it, I didn’t take this photo to try and get a great angle, a fun editing challenge or a million likes when published. I took this photo to share with you what I witnessed with my very own eyes which you, sadly, may not be able to see in your life but you can at least know of such a place. Nothing happened here when I took the photo, it’s a photo of life moving on.

It may be a bad photo or just not the best but surely there is some inner beauty in the photo, right? Because, if not then you’re saying this place has no beauty at all then?

So yeah, this is the highlight of my exciting day.



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