T’has Been a Scottish Day

What a day it has been. It has been a Saturday, a cold one but a nice one and one full of Scottishness. Ish.

Ok maybe not everything about today has been Scottish themed but there have been one or two reminders during the day that I am proud to be Scottish.

First off, I went out of the house with my Dad. We were originally going out to a museum which I’m sure you can tell, excited me so much, but to my¬†disappointment¬†we found out it wasn’t open. But, we didn’t stop their and just go back home.

The museum was situated right next to a footbridge which looked onto the River Clyde, begging me to switch my camera on and get snapping. And so, I did.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There shall be more (better, edited) photos posted throughout next week.

So all this got to me and I went through another of my “I am proud to be Scottish phases” and so felt the need to post a photo of it to Instagram because that is necessary in situations such as this. Totally.

As my little Scottish loving phase was nearly at its end, I was shocked, surprised and amazed at my mum when she showed me… well, dinner. She showed me haggis. HAGGIS, YES, I KNOW NOT ON BURNS NIGHT, I AM SUCH A REBEL.

And so, as I was eating that, I went through a further “I love Scotland phase” thanks to the great taste of haggis.

All that was missing today was a kilt and a fried Mars Bar (though I did have a conversation over fried Mars Bars with my parents tonight).

And there we have it, I loved Scotland for yet another day in my life. I better watch myself, it’s becoming a habit.



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