Going Out


Today I went out. That sentence is a blog post on its own, but I think I shall go on in detail.

Yesterday, I posted a blog post explaining how I hardly ever go out on the weekends now especially at night. Well, today, I did, I went out with my dad to a, wait for it… a museum!

Ok, I know, a museum, how interesting! The main reason for our exciting venture out to a museum was because of my dad wanting to see a “Hollywood Robot Exhibition” though I think I secretly wanted to see it as well.

I shall be posting more about the robot exhibition throughout the week  and I must say, it was quite interesting and quite a fun challenge for my photography skills. I think I did pretty well if I say so myself.

We didn’t stop at the exhibition though, we couldn’t contain ourselves. A rainy, overcast day outside and the warmth and sights of the museum was what kept us inside.

At one stage I was amazed. It turns out the museum is attached to a sort of stately home thing, or part of one anyway, I didn’t really pay attention to the facts and figures as I was amazed by what I was experience.

It was like going back in time, around 18th century, I just casually strolled into a small ballroom or social room with a piano to my left, a posh fireplace in the centre and three arched windows to the right of me and not to mention the very expensive looking chandeliers above me! I soon clicked on and knew I was in a photographer’s dream place. Or my dream place for photography anyway I suppose.

The photography from this particular venture as well as the robot exhibition and other bits and pieces in the museum shall be posted throughout this week and possibly next week, I took a lot of photos!

So, in a nutshell, I went out and I enjoyed it. I may have to do it more often!

Here are just some photos from today!

I went out!



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