The Thinking Pencil


Ahh, the humble pencil. For years, we’ve had a writing device in our lives which allows us to “rub out” our mistakes and apply different pressures to achieve different gradients to our writing and our art. However, I seem to find it a useful way of telling how hard I have worked.


The photo above shows just one of the many pencils I own. As you can see, it looks as if someone has been hungry and took a nibble at the pencil. Well, not quite.

It is a habit I am not proud of, pencil biting. I always seem to do it worst when doing math, probably because that’s one of the few places I use a pencil, I’m more of a pen person myself.

All night’ I’ve been working on a homework task for maths and this pencil shows exactly how much I have been thinking and working. I seem to bite my pencil whenever I am thinking really deeply about something or reading a piece of text closely such as a question. 

So from my pencil tonight, as it was fairly normal before I started, I can come to a conclusion that I worked and thought quite hard tonight and shall be spitting out bits of wood all night.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is how in ten years time, I die of lead poisoning or something like that.



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