Motivation Madness (ish)

I am motivated for a lot of things in life whilst at the same time I am not motivated for other things in life. Different times and different places may motivate me to do things and there are periods in my life when I really am motivated to do something and will go for it.

But here’s the thing, I’m in the middle of being really motivated and not being motivated, towards reading.


I love a good book and I’m sure everyone with imagination would agree that there is nothing like an intriguing novel. However, I have never been the sort of person who reads book after book after book and I don’t think I will ever be.

I guess I get so involved in books, it is hard for me to let go at the end and I dont want to move on to another world created by another author, I want to stay in the world I have been getting to know and love from the start of a book.

Recently, I have really wanted to get into reading again as I seem to have not read a book in a while now and I keep convincing myself that I have no time but in reality, I do, I have too much time and I know this deep down but I can’t seem to get motivated to get down to reading a book and yet I crave reading at the moment.

I have so many books I haven’t read as well, books I’ve had for years but never got round to reading and should really get started on them! So really, there is no excuse, they are piled up on my window ledge as well as a few been scattered around my room.

I can only hope I find myself picking up a book and reading it within the week otherwise I may cry.




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