I Like Baths


I had a bath today. I like love baths.

Ok, no news flash considering taking a bath is a daily activity. But there’s more to baths than we think. Either that, I’m going loopy.

All I seem to ever do in a bath is think. I’ll think about the most random of things from what I had for dinner to how I’m going to get the homework I should have completed a week ago done in only a few hours.

I like baths.The kind of thoughts I get in a bathtub are usually quite soothing. I see why the say baths are relaxing but I don’t need any candles or low light to help me relax even further, my thoughts keep me comfortable. It’s either the thoughts or I go out and buy a rubber ducky. I think I’ll stick with thoughts to keep me happy.

It’s as if a bath is a vat of space and the plug hole is a black hole. Any time I need to think something through which is bothering me, a bath usually helps put my mind at rest and when I come out of the bath, my jungle of thoughts has disappeared, almost like the water and soap in the bath soaks up my thoughts and the black hole (the plug hole) just sucks it all in when I am finished, never to be seen again.

Where else can I do that?  Well, there’s no other answer for me anyway, a bath keeps my thoughts flowing and my mind happy and I’m never happier in the day than when I come out of a bath.

Yup. I’ve lost it.


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  1. I completely agree =)



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