Just Sitting


Today has been such a productive day!


In fact, it has been the complete opposite. It all started when I woke up.

For the first time in a long time, on a Saturday, I got up out of bed before noon! Ten o’clock to be precise. So, this has led to me being knocked off with time all day and as I am writing this blog post, my eyes can’t stay open and it is only half past nine!

Just Sitting

The photo above describes my day quite fully. Gosh, I sound as if I’m writing an answer to a history question in an exam. The most part of my day has just been sitting around, doing nothing.  Well, I have did a few things such as playing Minecraft a heck of a lot, temporarily living off of YouTube and just sitting around and more sitting around. It seems getting up early for me just doesn’t work.

I wanted to go out and do something with the day, today, but since it was snowing at random times of the days and since it was very, very cold, I had no option but to stay indoors in my slightly warmer room.

So much for making the best of 2013! But hey, I have another 50 weeks or so to do great things.

We’ll see about that.



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