Inspecting Inspectors


It seems I am going to be in a new school next week.

Well, not quite. Although it seems like it. HMIE (Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education) are paying my school a visit next week and it is safe to say that the teachers are… let us say scared for now, there are other phrases I could use but that may loose your interest. We wouldn’t want that now.

The class is heating up!I’m sure I have posted a post about inspectors coming to my school and how teachers coped with that somewhere around this time last year (ish) but they were nowhere near the importance of these inspectors, after all, they are Her Majesty’s inspectors.

I feel like I’m moving into a new school. All this week, the walls in the school have been getting painted (although they say that was getting done anyway, inspectors or no inspectors – aye right then!) and the walls are absolutely covered in examples of our work and how we learn and how we know we are learning and… need I go on?

You wouldn’t have to be a mastermind to figure out that (most of) the teachers in my school are getting nervous. Most of my teachers have already planned out what we are doing all next week: tasks involving cooperative learning because after all, we always do things like this in class. Group work this, group work that, fun things here fun things there. I’m starting to love these inspectors already!

Teachers of higher authority have been coming in and out of classes to tell us what we are to expect to hear from the inspectors and how we should do our best to give as good a quality of information as possible, and how we should be our lovely, kind and caring selves like we always are, of course.

So yeah, it is safe to say the teachers are feeling the heat, I can’t wait to see them next week never mind this week!

It may be the weekend for now, but I can assure you, I cannot wait until next week so that the joys of a school inspection can commence.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Aaron says:

    I wouldn’t miss it for anything!


  2. Lorena Steinert says:

    As long as your lovely kind caring self gets to the photography club at lunchtime on Thursday…. I haven’t changed a thing!



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