In a Crisis

I can only laugh myself towards today’s challenge from WordPress’ DailyPost . “In a Crisis” is the name of the challenge to inspire us bloggers to write about how we cope in a crisis and if we are proud of our reactions or not.


I am a one man show when it come to being in a crisis. Well, I say crisis but I have never really been in such a situation where it is so threatening or scary and exciting that I can call it a crisis, but let us keep calling it a crisis as it makes my life sounds just a little more exciting. As I was saying, a one man show. As soon as I feel I am in a dangerous position or when I see something going wrong, I sleep. Not physically, but it feels like it. I am no longer Aaron, I am the victim of brain control. At the moment of the sensing of danger, I switch off and what I call overdrive mode kicks in,

For example, I remember one time coming home on the school bus, we went over a massive puddle and all of a sudden, (what I thought was) smoke started coming from a wheel very near where I was sitting. For one second, I stared at the scene and then I shutdown and let overdrive do it’s thing. I stood up immediately and headed for the doors (we were at a bus stop which was lucky I guess!) thinking that the worst would happen i.e. flames bursting into the bus from the wheel and the fuel tank exploding and ever seeing my family again and not living the life I wanted.  Luckily, it soon hit me that it was just steam, the water hitting the hot wheels after all the friction and all that physicsy jazz.

This is just one example of when I am in a slightly tense situation a  be honest, I would hate to be in a proper crisis, with real danger and vessel at risk because I would die from overdrive  mode as I just panic.

So no, I am not proud whatsoever towards my reaction to a crisis. I really should just try to stay calm and leave someone else to do the worrying.

Or just never go out the house again to avoid dangers outside the home. Though, with my luck, I would still find myself in plenty of dangerous situations in my own home.

(Please excuse any daft typos which I have been so lazy to check for or remove as I typed this on my tablet)



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