Tooting My Horn

I’m now sort of, kind of, definitely addicted to WordPress’ DailPost as you may have noticed if you are a frequent reader. But hey, I don’t see any harm in it!

Today’s challenge was named Toot Your Horn. A very simple sounding task actually, stating how we are always being negative about ourselves and so we have to mention our favourite thing about ourselves.


No one likes to brag but for this, I know my answer. My answer is, my look on life. I’m not meaning my glasses, the ones I use to see when I can’t see (just in case you didn’t figure that out) as the featured image and image aside may suggest. No, I mean my opinion on life, my view on life, my hopes for life.

I’m sick of hearing people moan about life. I wouldn’t dare to say I have never moaned about life and there always will be days I moan about life, in the rough times, the bad days at the office and the ‘Iwanttopunchyouinthefaceandkickyouinthebackside’ days but only recently have I took a new look on life.

I don’t know exactly when, I don’t know how but I’ve gradually been changing my opinion on life. I guess it is because I know that I have my whole life ahead of me and I know how big the earth is (well, not exactly how big it is) and I know that the earth is open to me and you to take advantage of our precious time on earth.

I just feel so optimistic when I think about life as a whole and I guess that no matter what happens, I’ll stay that way, through the hard times and the sad times because I know that life is so precious and wonderful, it shouldn’t be wasted.

I, like everyone else on the planet, could write a billion things I don’t like about myself and I could also name quite a few things I like about myself and so could everyone about themselves because everyone is wonderful and everyone is unique! Talents, skills and personalities are all great things to admire about ourselves and to admire ourselves for those things is not in the slightest bit wrong or shameful, it is realising how unique we are and how we will never be replaced and we are the only one of us, no other person on the planet, ever, will have the exact same name as us with the exact same personality, looks, talents, skills, thoughts etc.

For me, 1 tiny person in a planet of 7 billion and something people, I am proud of my look on life and it is my favourite thing about me.

(This was typed on my tablet, so please, do excuse any daft typos I have been so lazy to check for and remove.)



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