Music According to Height

I was practicing piano earlier when… hang on. Did I seriously just say that I was PRACTICING piano? That’s a first!

Back to the point, I was practicing piano when suddenly gave up.  I couldn’t take any more of my eyes straining to read the small music and I felt so unprofessional. So, I went to playing random stuff by ear (not physically playing piano with my ear, but playing music from memory).


The Entertainer is such a well known tune and played by many and loved by many. I hate it. Well, I don’t hate it I just find it so cheesy so today I tried to add a little spice into it by adding the weird sort of vamp (the sort of oom-cha in the lower part, sorry for musically geeking  you out) in. I couldn’t do it and it is a technique I have tried for a long time and have never mastered it. The problem was that I was hitting every nite except the correct ones or, as Eric Morcambe once said, “playing all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order” .

So I gave up, turned the piano off and closed the lid. However, as I was sitting reading that fantastic piece of prose called, Facebook, I glanced at my piano stool and thought something along the lines of, “I wonder if adjusting the height of the stool would help?”.

It helped.  The higher I got and the farther I was from the piano (though not too far or high)   the better I was able to go attempt the vamp thing, though still didn’t master it. But it helped me further in other songs I played  and believe it or not, I feel more powerful.

All this time I had been so low on the stool I was almost at eye level with the piano and now I am towering above it. I see the piano as a little town now, a town which I am god of and can do whatever I want with the people (the keys) for good or for bad.

And that, ladies and gentlemen is a productive piano practice.

(This was typed on my tablet so please, do excuse any daft typos in which I have not been bothered to check for nor remove) 



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