Clean Slate

I’ve been inspired by WordPress’ Daily Post prompt. Today’s prompt was called Clean Slateand the idea was basically to explore the room you are in at the moment as if you are seeing it for the first time, pretending you know nothing describing what you see and the kind of person who lives there. So, enjoy.

A fairly untidy  room I see.  A fairly masculine atmosphere around this room: Doctor Who posters on the wall, male clothing on the floor.


A glass table nestled in the corner covered in books, folders, and papers. A student?

To the right a little, a very dusty TV on a black stand, obviously not getting any use. Not a fan of TV then? Interesting.

A guitar! A very dusty one as well! Probably just for show or maybe he is a musician?

Ahh, a Piano, a digital one! He must have some sort of love  for music.

Clearly a theatre lover judging by all of the posters, leaflets and tickets on the wall, above the piano.

A calendar hidden away in the corner wit days 1 to 8 of the month scored off, not one for keeping his calendar up to date assumingly.

If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail” written on a piece of card, suck to the wall with sticky tape. Obviously a man with a need of some motivation now and then.

The bed is well made, for a male. Quite neat and organised ready to jump into in the event of an emergency yawn.

A camera resting on the edge of a chest of drawers. A photographer maybe? A complex looking camera yet not one of too many complications.

A door with a handle very loose. A lot of use, maybe?

A small room. That does not reflect the personality of the occupant however. A skilled boy,  an interested boy. Just like anyone else on the planet, someone with unique interests and talents. Interests and talents which should never go to waste in anyone’s case.

(Typed on my tablet so p,ease, do excuse any daft typos in which I am too lazy to check for and remove.)



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