Negotiation… Working?

Earlier thus evening,  I was at my first piano lesson of the new year, and as my piano teacher went over my plans for the year ahead, I realised that target setting (as boring as it sounds) may actually help motivate me.

I could nit describe how much I detest target setting in school. It seems so cheesy and half of the teachers don’t even negotiate with us and just tell us our targets. But, if done properly, as I learned today, target setting can help.


On my list which we named Aaron’s dreams which I understand may be a little bit of an exaggeration, I had three targets connected to me, piano and 2013. They were pretty basic music targets: 1) Pass grade 4 piano, 2) Improve sight reading, 3) Explore new keys when playing by ear. Boring, I know but to me, I (for once) feel as if I do have something to work towards now and having those targets and negotiating them and coming up with them myself, and I am keen to do my best and see the outcome of my hard work.

So maybe I have a bone to pick with teachers tonight for not motivating me and negotiating with me. They shall be punished. Who am I kidding, I wouldn’t hurt a fly. Or would I? Ok, starting to sound like I have teachers hostage. I’ve gone a little too far, they shall not be punished, the shillings be pun niched in my head, the best place to carry out punishments.

I better stop before things get nasty. The moral of the story? Don’t feed llamas fries and always negotiate before motivating a cow.

(This was typed on my tablet, so do excuse any hilarious typos.)



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