Is Time About to Take Off?

I think most of us can agree that 2012 just flew in. Almost everyone I’ve spoken to has said it was a really fast year and none of us were sure what to expect from 2013.

Now that we are just over a week into 2013, it is hard to say how it is going so far. Yes, it may be to early to state whether ot not it is flying in but you can usually get an idea of how quickly the year is going in.

When we say things like’ “It is 8th day of the year” or “A week into the year” it sounds both fast and slow, for me anyway. In a weird sort of way, I do feel as if the days have been going in quite fast but when I think about it in just a little more detail I think it is going in very slow. Is this  good thing?

2012 wasn’t the most exciting year and yet it went in very fast’ even after the first week! But no, not this year, it seems to be slowing down. However, I think I li,e that. Let’s face it, we are all counting down to our death aren’t we? Sorry to make you happy and all that, but it is the truth. I like the speed of slow and easy, it is allowing me to take my time with things such as school and other stuff like blogging.  I’m just upset that it doesn’t seem like I’m getting a slow and easy speed for sleeping!

I can’t be sure of it yet, but I’m just hoping that 2013 gives us time to actually enjoy it, unlike 2012.



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