Remembering 2013


I can’t count how many times I said “2012 was a rubbish year and nothing really happened” just before the start of the new year. I now realise that I am wrong, so wrong because each day I think of something that I did or achieved or witnessed last year.

Making it a memorable year! So, I have now persuaded myself to remember the year 2013. I told myself at the very beginning of the year (a few days ago) that I was going to make this year as good a year as I can make it and put some real effort.

So, in order to successfully review my year as the bells ring, closing 2013 and opening 2014 (quite scary saying that actually, makes me feel old) I want to make sure I take note of every minor and major thing that will help make 2013 a memorable year. But even better, I’m gonna let the world know about it.

I’ll keep yet another page on my blog dedicated to this list. I’m all about lists an pages this year, first the bucket list now this. You can click here to see it or go to although, at the time you are reading this there may be nothing on that page yet! But hopefully, very soon, there will be a few things there.




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