The Beginning of a Bottomless Bucket

Finally, I’m getting round to writing my bucket list. This is a list that I guess will never end as I’m sure I’ll always be inspired to do things until the day I die and whatever I am inspired to do I guess get’s a spot on my bucket list, the list of things I want to do before I kick the bucket.

My bucket list may not appeal to you I and I wouldn’t blame you if you thought of it as rubbish. However, this is what I want to do and these are all the things I have been inspired to do and will hopefully do one day before I die.

This list will constantly be updated as I will hopefully regularly cross things off of the list and add things to the list and hopefully not so frequently, take things away from the list. Also, in the unfortunate even of anything ever happening to this blog, I will have a copy of my bucket list in a notebook which I will keep very safe!

Because this list can update at any time, I’ve created a dedicated page for it which you can see by clicking here or going to The list in this post may be out of date when you are reading it.

There’s not really much more to say so here is just the beginning of the lists that never ends.

  • Sit on a balcony in Paris, France at night with an awesome view
  • Go to London and explore the country’s capital city!
  • Go on a series of random trains for a day and end up in a random place at the end of the day
  • Play the Blackpool Tower Ballroom Wurlitzer (I may have to blog about the reason why one day)
  • Play an organ
  • Print out many of my photography works and make a huge wall display in my house/ room
  • Change someone’s life for the better
  • Travel Europe by train
  • See as much of the world as I can
  • Fly on a plane
  • Go to New York City!
  • Travel (some of) America
  • Witness something magical (yes, I have stolen it from the film, ‘The Bucket List’)
  • Become a music teacher
  • Pass Grade 8 Piano and be able to site read music well
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Visit the Highlands
  • Sleep under the stars
  • Go on a road-trip with friends
  • Experience a day as a rich man
  • Eat at a top restaurant
  • Stay in a top hotel
  • Be in a movie (even as an extra!)
  • Get my own dog
  • Take my parents/ family on a holiday never to forget
  • Be in two places at once (e.g one foot on one side of a border and one foot on the other)
  • Buy a homeless person a meal
  • Have a conversation with someone in another language
  • Dance in a ballroom
  • Experience France/ Paris to its fullest
  • Spend a whole day in a library
  • Experience being homeless/poor for a day
  • Watch the world for a day – watch everyone else’s day go by
  • Go into a busy place and smile at everyone who walks by (not in a creepy way)
  • Get really messy
  • Go incognito for a day
  • Be silent for a full day
  • Have a week full of relaxation and reflection/ meditation
  • Make friends around the world
  • Sleep for a whole day and night
  • Leave small, random gifts in random places with a friendly note attached in a day
  • Go faster than 100 miles per hour in any vehicle
  • Go on a roller-coaster
  • Have meeting with/ talk to a millionaire/ a very, very important person
  • See the pope
  • Start/ be in a business for a short time before passing it on/ selling it
  •  Experience theatre from the stage
  • See a Broadway show
  • Follow the footsteps of Kevin in Home Alone 2 in NYC
  • Make a film (not necessarily for cinema viewing)
  • Own a grand piano
  • Own a small private library in my home with tall bookshelves
  • Block out civilization for a day
  • Guest speak at an event
  • Host an invitation only, posh party
  • Help a random stranger in distress
  • Walk a full beach, solo at sunset
  • Drive
  • Investigate my family tree
  • Go for a ride in a hot air balloon
  • Write a book of memoirs
  • Fast for a day
  • Keep a (series of) journal(s) from age 18+
  • Have a portrait of me painted
  • Have a safe in my house
  • Travel through the Channel Tunnel
  • Be a Santa Claus for a day and keep the magic in at least one child’s heart
  • Send an envelope containing an envelope (etc.) to a random person until it circulates back to me
  • Walk in one direction for a day
  • Write a script and send it into a TV company
  • Bathe in chocolate
  • Con someone (not extreme, just a card trick or magic trick or something)
  • Go to a random party in a random place with random people, not invited and talk to the people
  • Jump into a taxi and say, “Follow that car”
  • Save £1 every day for 5 years

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Aaron says:

    Thank you! Yeah, I’m hoping this list will make my life just that little bit better! 🙂


  2. irishcsred says:

    Best wishes on your list! The Northern Lights are amazing–you will love them and everything else on this list!



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