Not Quite the Bucket List

As I mentioned yesterday, I have been inspired to write my own bucket list, a list of things I want to do before I kick the bucket. Although maybe not inspired enough as I have not yet written one thing for it.

Up, up and away, travelling the world!
Up, up and away, travelling the world!

I shan’t be posting it in this blog post because of that reason, it simply isn’t ready yet. But I at least want to talk shortly about life ahead. This is also an excuse for a post for me to not fail at publishing a blog post everyday! It’s 10 minutes before the end of the day and I’m determined to publish something!

I’ve posted things before about how valuable I think life is and why we shouldn’t waste out time here on earth. This is the very reason  I am making a bucket list so that I can live my life as full as I can, to appreciate my time given to me on earth and to appreciate the earth itself.

My bucket list probably won’t be the most thrilling one but hey, who’s perfect? Some people who have done this before just have went really far out, with things like skydiving or climb every mountain. Everyone’s ambitions are different, after al, who would we be without our own, unique ambitions?

I’ll probably be putting things like “see the world” which is something I really want to do but something I want to take my time over so that I can appreciate the full beauty of the earth.

I can’t guarantee a great and wonderful and exciting bucket list but I can guarantee the start of a bucket list tomorrow.

Now, I need to publish this to prove to myself that I can publish a post a day!



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