Ok, Seriously, Stop

2012. Its almost a year that didn’t happen. Not because the supposed end of the world and stuff but because of how quickly it flew in. I mean can you believe it, Christmas is already about three days behind us!

It may just be me, I don’t know, but I’m certain this year has just flew in. It only seems like yesterday we were saying “happy new year” and discussing how quickly 2011 flew in.


Is it because of school? They say time flies when your having fun but I wouldn’t say every single day at school is fun, in fact, I would say school gets more and more… let’s say… less fun because it becomes more and more of a routine as we have the same classes at the same time every week and the only thing that changed is what we learn… usually. However, compared to primary school or whatever you want to call it, high school is a little more exciting because we actually move around classes and not just stuck in the one room all day.

Maybe it’s an old age thing. Yeah, I’m totally of old age, a teen, pfft, but maybe as I get older, years go in faster because I know more and more about life every second I suppose.

To make this problem worse, nothing that exciting has seemed to happen this year. 2012 has probably been one of my uneventful years. When I think of ‘2012’ I simply think of a number, no event or memory comes into mind.

I guess I’ll never know but I just hope time doesn’t continue to fly even faster as I get older. After all, we are counting down to our deaths every single second we live, aren’t we?

So please time, if you are listening, slow down, take it easy.



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