If It Wasn’t For 2012

If it wasn’t for 2012, where would I be now. Well, I would probably still be living life and doing people stuff but if it wasn’t for 2012, where would my blog be? That’s right, you’ve got yourself into reading one of those ‘Re-cap of The Year’ posts, you’ll just have to read it to the end now, you’ve got this far already.

I had only started my blog a few months before 2012 and I had a small audience. The first  major thing that happened for my blog was when I received an email from a very popular (Scottish) radio station asking me to go to a studio and discuss how blogging can be therapeutic. I was so excited only to read further down that it was sent earlier in the day and this was me checking my emails at about 11 o’clock at night and even worse, they wanted me for the next morning. Being a teen, I and school to worry about but I tried my best to get in touch with them but they had got someone else and I don’t blame them and I listened to the broadcast later that day and the other person did very well. This experience taught me the lesson to always check my emails regularly.


If there was no 2012 for my blog, there would be no ‘hawth.me’ because 2012 was when I registered and purchased that domain. I don’t know why I went for it. Well, I sort of do because it has some personal value to me but out of all the domains I went for the new .me one and went for a weird name. Welcome to the logic of my brain ladies and gentlemen.

I remember not so long after registering my domain, March I think, the Hungarians invaded. Well, when I say invaded I really mean came for a little visit. March 10th was my busiest day on my blog when it was viewed almost more than 300 times, in the one day! WordPress’ stats told me that about 90% of those views came from Hungry. After writing a blog post that same day, I had found out from a Hungarian who kindly commented other post, that my blog had been featured along with many other blogs on Hungarian TV. However, they didn’t stay for long, the Hungarians, as they disappeared after a few days. 

After this, nothing extraordinary or out of this world happened to my blog. I did however gain a bigger audience as the year went on, an audience which is still growing today and one which I hope will continue to grow as long as blog is alive. My photography skills also got better which was appreciated by my audience, hiding from the number of likes I got compared to normal, written blog posts. I now try my best to combine photography and writing together to create as entertaining as possible blog posts.

I hope for next year to be an even better year for me and my blog and I hopefully will be renewing the hawth.me domain and continue to do what enjoy and do best, blogging.



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