Christmas Came

I was awakened by the sound of my mother’s voice, probably moaning that it’s late and I should get out of bed, just like every other morning. But then I remembered. IT’S CHRISTMAS DAY!

I sprung out of bed in an instant as soon as I realised what day it was. I grabbed my house coat and threw some socks onto my feet. In a matter of seconds, my mum and I where standing outside the living room door, as we do every year. It’s a weird sort of tradition. Every Christmas, my dad will go into the living room first, make sure everything is set up (apparently) whilst the rest of the family wait impatiently outside, desperate to see the floor drowning in a sea of presents wrapped so neatly in varieties of wrapping papers only to meet the claws of our own excited selves in matter of minutes.


It was me first, as always. Few presents on the floor for me, but I was not bothered in the slightest about it because I knew what I was getting. Away back in July the discussion of Christmas presents came up and it took me many days to get to what I would like for Christmas, as my parents kept asking me. It started off as “I would like a Kindle” which soon escalated to “I would like a tablet” although, not my words, it was my parents who convinced me that I may as well ask for a tablet. My dad showed me the Motorola XOOM 2 online and I immediately fell I love with it. Well, here I am today, writing this blog post on it.

Anyway, I ripped and clawed at the wrapping paper away to find my new tablet and a few other presents in the form of a case for my tablet, screen protectors and two chocolate selection boxes.


Next was my stocking. Every year, my sister and I have had a stocking but they seem so special because my mother hand made them many years ago and they really are quite something. I sort of knew what to expect. Random items of stationary, check, tubes of chocolate, check, other miscellaneous items, check, and of course, chocolate coins (a tradition), double check.

It was only fair to give my parents a chance now to open their presents both from each other and from me. Afterwards, my parents had their breakfast, but I never which has also became a tradition, not because my parents dont feed me but because I’m just not a breakfast person. So meanwhile, I played around with my tablet.


My sister and her boyfriend were soon to arrive and the whole unwrapping of presents happened again. Although, I’m not complaining, they were very generous in gift giving.


Then something rather exciting happened. Thinking that we had already received all of our presents, Mother did something she did last year as well, a sort of treasure hunt thing. Giving us cards with riddles and messages each, we had to go oak wild, but short goose chase. Many more presents were received by the end the game and we were very grateful. And before we knew it, it was time for Christmas dinner made by my mum and cooked with perfection, if only every day was like that!

Stomachs full with steak stew, roast potatoes, vessel sprouts and trifle, the day went on a little slower and we all had time to ourselves to play around and examine our gifts. Just like 2012, it flew in and the day finished with my dad and mum amusing themselves over a Lego set.



So there you have it, my Christmas day.I’m sure you enjoyed reading every word. Every, single word. I’m sure you took the time to read each and every word.

I hope you had a very happy and merry Christmas

Until the next time, Dont fly off with snowmen who all of a sudden come to life. (Goodbye)



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