The Seagull and the Worm

The seagull. A creature which we know so well, especially when we go to the beach and eat our fish and chips in front of one or better still, a group of them.

Over the past few days, I’ve looked out of my living room window to see two seagulls across the road, on the grass. Well, to be exact, there was only one seagull to start off with. I was fascinated by the peculiar movements it was doing. It was almost like a dance, an animated dance, almost as if it was excited.

Then I remembered. Birds have to eat too. I’ve known for a long time that birds stamp their feet against the ground in order to attract worms and other creatures of the underworld, in order to feed themselves. And that was what this bird was doing. I became a spectator in  watching this bird put on a show, as it tried and tried and was so close until it eventually came to the grand finale and managed to catch a worm. In an instant, the worm was in the seagull’s stomach and the seagull moved on.

How unfortunate for this little worm, that its death came so soon. Maybe it was a newborn, judging by the size of it, it probably was. It was naturally distracted by the loud thumping coming from above and went to see what was going on and poof. The worm was gone.

The next day, and the day after, I seen the seagull only with a friend, another fellow member of the same species, almost impossible to tell them apart. This time, both the seagulls were doing their funny little dance but I didn’t stay to see the worm or any other creature come to its death.

But looking at the whole process now, I can’t help but relate it to life.

Some of us will end up as worms, just minding our own business and taking life one step at a time and a lot of us manage to escape the things bigger than us, we show them who’s boss whilst some of us will fall into the traps set for us and will not get the best outcome from it.

Some of us will end up as seagulls. We’ll be fairly happy with life and we’ll have the better chances in life. We”ll be bigger than others and  we will try our best to get the best out of people. We’ll make friends and we’ll loose friends and we’ll just try to live life the best way we can.

Neither of the two are better but neither of the two are worse. Both are two completely different species, both trying to live life and love life.



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